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Account Problems / Game Progress

Oddmar saves your progress, please check if you have the necessary storage permissions in the settings of your device. You can also change the control scheme to on-screen buttons from the settings menu if you prefer to play the game in this way.
To start a new game, please go to your device settings and clear the data of Oddmar, then go to your Google Play Games app and delete the Oddmar cloud saves from there too. After clearing this data, you can start a new game without your older saves.
Please clear the cache of "Google Play Games" "Google Play Store" and "Oddmar" then reboot your device. After the reboot, please try to purchase the game again.
Try to change the Storage Permission of Oddmar to "On" from your device's "Apps" menu. Then start the game again and see these steps has solved your problem. If not please contact us from our support e-mail and we'll try to determine the problem.
If you want to reset your game, you can delete your cloud saves for Oddmar and reinstall it.

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