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Meet the team

We’re an independent game making studio based in Turkey-Eskişehir, creating unique and effective work across the spectrum; developing the best mobile applications and original flair to seed stories in our games. MobGe offers full range of creative services across game and mobile applications, with a focus on work that will reveal the foremost and most engaging visual aspects of its nature. With our passionate beliefs in the power of today’s technology, our aim is to create unique environments which are not even exist in parallel universes!

and the folks!

Özgür Taşkın
All in One Operator/ Final Boss

Özgur is co-founder of Mobge, contributes game design, sometimes he codes but mostly in translating ideas into real life projects. He is the innovative part of the team and of course, the final boss.

Ferhat Aydoğan
Master of Code/Final Boss

He is Co-Founder of Mobge.His brain literally works with Probis biscuits! Ferhat contributes game design as well, attacks his characters with playful strikes of syntax, splatters of codes to maximum effect but most of all he is a freak'n Dota 2 player!

Görkem Keskinkol
Head of Level Benders

The fastest level design feedback giver of the west. As if it is not enough that he adds his night to day to optimize the levels he also does not neglect to feed the office with his great taste of music!

Nilüfer Zeynep Yavuz
Project Sheriff

She is the man! That's all you have to know about her.

Batu Öztürk
Level Bender

If Batu says he made a level that is so easy, know that it is deadly difficult. If he says he makes a level easier, get ready to spend your years. After all, the easiest level is the level that he has not been created yet.

Seyyid Doğan
Code Sorcerer

If you need to see some ‘’thumbs ups’’ for motivation or have some coding to be done he is always there. You can also feel free to ask him to teach you. But here is a tip: do not believe him if he asks you whether you want to see a magic trick!

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