We are a slice of something passionately unique and amusing form of the creative mind.

We’re an independent game making studio based in Turkey-Eskişehir, creating unique and effective work across the spectrum; developing the best mobile applications and original flair to seed stories in our games.

MobGe offers full range of creative services across game and mobile applications, with a focus on work that will reveal the foremost and most engaging visual aspects of its nature.

We’re a purposefully 5 people team, With our passionate beliefs in the power of today’s technology, our aim is to create unique environments which are not even exist in parallel universes!

We’re hands-on, involved and collaborative.

Our studio revolves around discretion to detail and elaborate across all aspects of a project. We enjoy working in accompany with ambitious and open-minded partners, and we passionately believe in the power of design to create stimulating and distinctive work.

MobGe means Mobile Generation, since every individual has a mobile phone in their pockets, we are super excited to get in your pockets!

Lets Meet Our Fellas!

Ozgur Taskin

All in One Operator

Ozgur is co-founder of Mobge, contributes game design, sometimes he codes but mostly in translating ideas into real life projects, he is the innovative part of the team.

Ferhat Aydogan

Master of Code

He is Co-Founder of Mobge.His brain literally works with Probis bisquits! Ferhat contributes game design as well, attacks his characters with playful strikes of syntax, splatters of codes to maximum effect but most of all he is freak'n Dota 2 player!

Okan Yenen

Wizard of Animation

With such a busy imagination that comes pouring out onto the screen, it’s no wonder that Okan has find several different ways to keep track on his ideas. He crafts whimsical works exploding with repetition and rhythm.

Volkan Yenen

Illustration/Concept Guru

Sadly, He has a problematic brain that makes him to see objects very different than any other people. But every character that pops up in Volkans’s weird world has an interesting story to tell which really is a joyous celebration of colours that invites you to get on board immediately.

Anıl Kılınç

-Mobile App Developer

He is ninja of mobile application development. There is no map for him to develop Android applications. In his brain he has a special part for storing Android SDK. No one knows how his brain connects to internet and gather newest version of the SDK.

Eylul Taskin

-Interactive Media Associate

She recently splits her time between developing our brand identity via social media and absorbing (and passing along) as much inspiration as she can. When she's not here she can be found asking for coffee refills at a café.

Now we know each other! Let’s stay in touch with us to find out more about our world of colour and pattern!